Nursing 9 Month old Tips

Breastfeeding a 9 Month Old
August 21, 2015 – 10:19 am

We’ve had a lot of breastfeeding posts recently with helpful tips and insights for nursing moms such as Work Travel While Breastfeeding and Breastfeeding in Public and Support for Breastfeeding Success. These are real important topics. But now I want to share something else nursing moms need to know.

The joys of feeding a 9 month old…octopus.

That’s right, feeding Owen these days is like feeding an octopus. There are legs and arms everywhere…toes in my hair, fingers grabbing my shirt, feet on my mouth, hands turning the pages on my Kindle book. My days of relaxing with my iPhone or watching my fave cooking shows are over.

So for those moms who find themselves in the same predicament here are my “survival tips” for breastfeeding a curious, easily distracted 9-month old:

  • Find the most remote place in your house, lock the door to keep out nosy dogs and 5 year olds, and turn off all the lights. And maybe (just maybe) your baby will nurse for more than 5 minutes.
  • Donate your nursing cover to a new mom unless you are looking for the perfect Peek-a-Boo prop.
  • Give up trying to text your friends, post on your favorite mommy board or blog, or even read a book. It’s not happening – just don’t even try it.
  • Get ready for a cacophony of noises and practice holding in your laugh. I think today he actually made a noise that sounded like a bear growl. I almost lost it.
  • Change your clothes before or after feeding or your favorite shirt will be stretched, pulled and distorted beyond recognition.
  • Teeth. That’s all I have on that one – you can discover a solution on your own (and, don’t worry, people won’t judge you if it starts with expletives!).
  • Just laugh because no matter how frustrating it gets this really is just another fun milestone in a lifetime journey of exploration.
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Catherine "Cathy Remperas" is a Filipino actress.
Catherine "Cathy" Remperaswas born in October 8, 1987. She is a 22-year-old nurse from Bohol. She's originally from Zamboanga but moved in Bohol. Cathy was left alone by their parents and being the youngest, she was raised by her older siblings. She was the only one who finished college...
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