What a real nurse should look like?

May 29, 2020 – 07:47 am

A nurse is an example of cleanliness and accuracy. A nurse has contact with patients in any medical institution, so she must constantly monitor her appearance.

Permanent body hygiene. A nurse should monitor her hands constantly and have a clean body, to avoid unpleasant odors. She should wash her hands after eating, visiting the toilet, after any procedures, regardless of the fact that the procedures are done with medical gloves. The nails of the nurse should be short-cut.

Nurse clothes. This is an established form according to the norms of a hospital, a dressing gown or a trouser suit should be kept in perfect condition. Shoes must be removable, always clean and smooth shape, comfortable and noiseless. A nurse can come to work in any clothes: in a leather jacket, in Wholesale Church Suits, in a sexy dress, but all this is worn again only after work. In a medical institution only authorized clothing is worn.

Hair should be clean and hidden under a hat. In addition to the cap, there is also a mask and medical gloves in the treatment room.

Moderation in cosmetics and perfumes. Jewelry should be at a minimum, rings and bracelets are removed at the beginning of the work shift. A real nurse should work, not show off.

No repulsive odors should come from the nurse. Whether it is the smell of tobacco, perfumes or food. There are patients in whom this can cause an allergic reaction.

In general, everything in the appearance of a nurse should embody accuracy and fit in order to arouse patient confidence and allow him to feel calm in the hands of such a nurse. We strongly believe it’s unlikely that a person will be attracted to somebody who smells bad or looks untidy. The appearance of a nurse is a stronghold of a medical institution and patient confidence.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator from Pexels

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