Nursing 8 Month old

Breastfeeding at 8 months: What it’s like now
July 22, 2015 – 08:07 am

Back when we were just starting out, breastfeeding was so hard, overwhelming, painful, different that I could never imagine that there would come a time when it’s no longer all those things. I always loved breastfeeding, even in pain I never thought “Oh I hate this, I want to stop”. I mean, I did when it was toe curling painful but I didn’t really mean it. I’ve always LOVED the idea of giving my baby not only sustenance but more than that: comfort and warmth and the one thing she is supposed to have for many many years, and as a mother I wanted to give it to her.

After the initial painful 8 weeks of breastfeeding (Alexis has a shallow latch), things got better, A LOT better. It didn’t hurt anymore, it was great and sweet and bonding. But it’s at 6 months when I started LOVING it. Like, looking forward to our breastfeeding sessions. I got attached, sucked in like a teenager with her first love. It must be oxytocin spreading through my body whenever I breastfeed that makes me feel that way, but I just cherish every single second of breastfeeding.

I think what brought this on is the fact that nursing is how Alexis falls asleep now. Lying in bed curled up next to me, her legs in a fetal position again my tummy, one of her arms under my breast and the other softly touching the top of it, and then she slowly drifts off, all warm and cozy and snuggled. WOW! It’s just not the feeling one can properly describe. You just have to experience it to understand.

My favorite, though, are the nights, when I put her to bed and it’s pitch dark because that’s how she likes it and the only thing that I have to concentrate on is the two of us. Probably the lack of one of the senses, sight, in the darkness is what intensifies the sense of touch, but it’s amazing!

I love breastfeeding in public. I feel proud, I feel free, I feel like I am doing my part in making breastfeeding ok, making it normal, making it what mothers do. I don’t use covers. Out of principle. Even in situations and places that even feel a bit squirmy about having to breastfeed out in the open. I push through that silly fleeting feeling of embarrassment and {inconspicuously) feed my baby. Right there and then. When she wants it, where she wants it. Breastfeeding in public doesn’t have to be made a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be shunned.

On Instagram, a few other girls and I had a 3o days of breastfeeding challenge. We spent 30 days taking one picture a day of our babies breastfeeding (not in public, just anywhere). I loved seeing other women have sweet moments with their babies. And I think I will be speaking for all of us when I say we have gained even more appreciation for breastfeeding, more confidence in what we are doing, and less reservations.

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