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Fundamentals Of Nursing Questions Part 1(Exam Mode) ByRNpedia
November 12, 2014 – 01:25 pm

Fundamentals of Nursing Exam 1 Fundamentals of Nursing Exam 1 (50 Items) - Nurseslabs

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1. When administering drug therapy to a male geriatric patient, the nurse must stay especially alert for adverse effects. Which factor makes geriatric patients to adverse drug effects?
B. Aging-related physiological changes
C. Increased amount of neurons
D. Enhanced blood flow to the GI tract
2. A male patient has a soft wrist-safety device. Which assessment finding should the nurse consider abnormal?
A. A palpable radial pulse
A palpable ulnar pulse
3. What does the nurse in charge do when making a surgical bed?
Leaves the bed in the high position when finished
Places the pillow at the head of the bed
Rolls the patient to the far side of the bed
Tucks the top sheet and blanket under the bottom of the bed
4. The nurse in charge is transferring a patient from the bed to a chair. Which action does the nurse take during this patient transfer?
Position the head of the bed flat
Helps the patient dangle the legs
Stands behind the patient
Places the chair facing away from the bed
5. Nurse Brenda is teaching a patient about a newly prescribed drug. What could cause a geriatric patient to have difficulty retaining knowledge about prescribed medications?
Decreased plasma drug levels
Lack of family support
History of Tourette syndrome
6. The nurse uses a stethoscope to auscultate a male patient’s chest. Which statement about a stethoscope with a bell and diaphragm is true?
The bell detects high-pitched sounds best
The diaphragm detects high-pitched sounds best
The bell detects thrills best
The diaphragm detects low-pitched sounds best
7. When teaching a female patient how to take a sublingual tablet, the nurse should instruct the patient to place the table on the:
8. A male patient is to be discharged with a prescription for an analgesic that is a controlled substance. During discharge teaching, the nurse should explain that the patient must fill this prescription how soon after the date on which it was written?
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What might be Moh Nursing Exam model question?

While each country might ask some questions specific to the laws and culture of the country, the majority of nursing exams are fairly standardized. Usual questions ask to define things like:

  • steps in patient identification
  • different patient positioning for conditions, or assessments
  • med conversion rates, grams to milligrams or vice versa
  • IV administration calculations
  • piggy-back IV drug administration
  • common side effects for primary medications
  • pediatric questions
  • OB-GYN questions
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  • Nursing 'diagnosis' for particular situations
  • the unexpected
  • care of a terminally ill person
  • im…

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