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Nursing Assistant (UPMC Mercy) in Pittsburgh, PA
August 27, 2015 – 07:28 am

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Job Title: Nursing Assistant
Job ID: 2084438
Facility: UPMC Mercy
Location: 1400 Locust Street, Pittsburgh PA 15218

Job Summary

The work as an NA or PCT is both challenging and very rewarding. Many find this to be a wonderful life long career. Others may choose to take the time while working as an NA or PCT to become familiar with the wide variety of health care roles they may want to pursue: nurse, respiratory therapist, pharmacist, physical therapist - the list is endless. UPMC provides full time and part time employees with generous tuition support, which includes support for their eligible dependents! These roles open up a wonderful world of potential careers for both the employee and their families.

UPMC Mercy is hiring full-time and part-time nursing support staff for a variety of shifts and days.

Nursing Assistants (NAs) and Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) are vital partners in the patient care provided at UPMC. They work on patient care units and perform a variety of important basic and advanced skills. They work closely and continuously with patients, partnering with nurses and other professionals, to make a big difference in how patients recover and experience their hospital stay.

Which role you will be selected for will be based upon your previous experience. Applicants without previous experience who are hired will be provided, and are required to successfully complete, a training course.

RN STUDENTS - Please note that this job opening is for candidates not currently enrolled in a Nursing School Program. If you are currently enrolled in a Nursing School Program and are interested in a casual nursing support opportunities at UPMC Mercy, please apply to job opening ID 2076565.

The nursing assistant provides routine patient care and support services in accordance with established policies and procedures, and as may be directed by the nurse or physician, to assure that the highest degree of quality patient care is maintained at all times.

Source: careers.upmc.com
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