Nursing I o Calculations

December 18, 2015 – 09:57 pm

For an Ensign (O-1) upon Military Pay Chart US Navy Pay Grades :

This video clearly explains the difference between the key concepts of Strength and Volume and how they are used in drug calculations.

Finding the volume required: understanding the formula

This video explains how to use the formula to determine the volume required in drug calculations.

Finding the volume required: calculating from the labels

This video explains how to make mental calculations of the volume required using the labels.

Finding the volume required: need over have

This video explains the concept behind the Volume Required formula. This video provides an example of finding VR using a sports drink mixture.

Using proportions with liquid solutions

This video describes the concentration of a liquid using the example of a sports drink solution. It uses equivalent fractions to find equivalent expressions of the concentration. It demonstrates how to find the drug strength (in milligrams) contained in a given volume of liquid.

Converting between large and small units

This video demonstrates conversions between large and small units and vice versa and how this affects the placement of the decimal point.

Medication dosage by bodyweight

This video explains how body mass determines dosage rates in drug calculations.

The flowrate formula

This video explains how to calculate the flowrate for intravenous infusions.

Managing fractions and decimals in the flowrate formula

This video follows on from the previous video by explaining how to manage fractions and decimals when calculating the flowrate.

Dropfactor: converting between millilitres and drops

This movie explains the formula for converting between millilitres and drops and vice versa.

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Popular Q&A
How do you calculate I/O? | Yahoo Answers

I/O = Input Output system
It's a binary math

How do I calculate mass of H2O2 solution?

Mass of hydrogen = 1 g/mol
Mass of oxygen = 16 g/mol
There are 2 hydrogen in H2O2 and 2 oxygen in H202, so
(1x2) + (16x2) = 34 g/mol

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