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April 5, 2015 – 10:04 am

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The Barnabas Success Center offers career services including resume reviews, mock interviews and interviewing tips. Students are encouraged to attend the various hospital presentations and recruiting events sponsored by the Barnabas Success Center. Special workshops are offered each semester, with topics including learning styles, writing in APA format, resume writing tips, test anxiety reduction techniques, and writing cover letters and thank you notes.

Career Services can assist students in their final semester at the Louise Herrington School of Nursing for permanent employment upon graduation, as well students wishing for part-time employment upon completion of their first semester. Any student wishing to apply for nurse positions should follow these simple guidelines on what to do:

Create your resume

  • Attend the resume writing workshop offered at the beginning of every semester. If you are unable to attend this workshop, please review the Resume Writing PowerPoint presentation.

Apply for nursing positions

  • Attend the Career Fair held every semester.

Prepare for an Interview

Be sure to check your Baylor University email routinely to learn about the various seminars and workshops being held each semester. For more individualized feedback, contact the Coordinator of Career Services to schedule an appointment.

For those of you in your final semester at LHSON, be sure to check the S2 and Graduate Information page for links to all the necessary information you will need to complete your last semester of Nursing School. Each link contains dates, fees and schedules to help you keep up with all that needs to be done. This information is only for those students that are planning to graduate

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Why is PowerPoint most useful in an academic career?

I would say a piece of software is only useful to the extent that someone can utilize it. It is a tool just like any other....hammer, shovel, etc. Oral speaking skills, organization and purpose are much more important aspects of any presentation than powerpoint alone.
In an academic career it is probably most relevant due to the frequency of presentations required. However, it can be equally useful in a business or other such setting. I feel a common mistake in either case would be to use it as a primary means of communicating the point you are trying to convey. Instead, it should be us…

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