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The nursing job outlook for 2015
September 29, 2015 – 08:01 am

The nursing job outlook for 2015With 2015 poised to begin, economic forecasts for the new year are beginning to make themselves known, and the employment outlook in healthcare is a crucial aspect of those prognostications. A recent report from places the position of registered nurse as having the third-best employment outlook of the site's top 10 chosen occupations.

With 5 percent job growth between 2010 and 2014, an average of 103, 800 new hires per month, and a median hourly rate of $32.51, nursing appears somewhat lackluster when compared to occupations such as software developer or marketing executive. Still, our profession continues to see modest growth, and there appears to be no shortage of Americans willing to pursue nursing as a career choice in the 21st century.

Other healthcare positions outstrip nursing

Meanwhile, has published its list of the 10 best healthcare occupations for 2015, and they have completely eschewed nursing in deference to other faster-growing positions. According to CareerCast, the specialty of audiology is enjoying 34 percent job growth, while dental hygienists are seeing a 33 percent increase in employment opportunities.

Dietitians, laboratory techs, medical technologists, opticians, pharmacists, physical therapists, physiologists and podiatrists (the only M.D.'s on the list), also receive the website's vote of occupational confidence. Readers should note that, although they are not M.D.'s, physical therapists are now required to earn a Ph.D. in order to practice as doctors of physical therapy (DPTs).

With nursing left completely out of the CareerCast healthcare employment prognosis, one is left to wonder if the nursing bubble has indeed burst, or if our profession will bounce back as healthcare reform takes hold and more newly-insured Americans pursue medical treatment that had been previously beyond their economic reach.

The new nurse conundrum

Anecdotally, novice nurses just out of school appear to be experiencing a perplexing conundrum in pursuit of their first position following graduation. The historical norm has been for new nurses to cut their professional teeth on a med-surg unit, learning the ropes and sharpening skills as they navigate the management of multiple patients with a plethora of needs.

Unfortunately, for new nurses in 2014, fewer facilities appear to be hiring new graduates, leaving them wandering the marketplace for positions that are apparently few and far between. Further expanding this employment conundrum, many facilities seem ignorant to the fact that new nurses are finding it increasingly difficult to successfully secure one or two years of med-surg experience after graduation.

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