Nursing Career Options

Many exciting and rewarding opportunities exist in nursing.
April 29, 2015 – 09:56 am

Because of the advancements Modern Nurse Practitioner Degrees - My Nursing Degree Career Blog

Cardiac (heart) Care Nurse: See Telemetry/Cardiac Care Nurse

Case Manager: Is responsible for patient education/monitoring the patient's well being, identifying resources, and coordinating care for a specific/targeted patient populations. The role of the Case Manager may vary, and in some settings, may be considered an Advanced Practice Role in which some of the care decisions are governed by approved protocols.

Certified Nurse Midwife (delivers babies): This role requires advanced study and certification. The Nurse Midwife provides care for low risk women/family before pregnancy, during pregnancy, through the childbirth experience, and after delivery.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA): This role requires advanced study and certification. It is a highly specialized job.

A CRNA is responsible for interviewing, assessing and evaluating a patient for anesthesia before surgery. The CRNA prepares and administers the anesthesia so that the patient will have a pain free operation. The CRNA constantly monitors the patient's vital signs during surgery and continues to monitor the partient following surgery for a period of time.


Clinic/Office Nurse: Provides patient care in settings such as, physician offices, surgicenters, and medical office buildings. Responsibilities include preparing patients for examinations, wound care, injections, and clerical duties.

Clinical Nurse Educator: Responsible for staff development, program evaluation, in-services, New Graduate Nurse Orientation, staff competencies, Quality Improvement Assessment/Plan Development, and assessment/evaluation of regulatory compliance.

Clinical Nurse Specialist: The clinical nurse specialist is a BRN certified RN who is an advanced practice nurse providing expert clinical practice, research, education, consultation and clinical leadership with an identified patient population. The scope of clinical nurse specialist practice includes patients, nursing personnel and organization systems. Clinical nurse specialists work in direct patient care and indirect patient care activities that affect a broad range of patients.

Critical Care Nurse: (Adult/Pediatric/Neonate) provides care for critically ill patients in a highly technical and ongoing monitoring environment, and supports the family during the crisis. Evaluates the need for resources and recommends referrals as indicated. This role requires specialized training and the ability to assess and recognize subtle changes in a patient's condition.

Dialysis Nurse: Requires additional training and certification. Provides care for patients with acute/chronic kidney (renal) failure. This complex care may require blood product transfusions, monitoring vital signs, laboratory values, and the removal of excess fluid and efforts to normalize and or reduce elevated electrolytes using treatments such as hemodialysis machines, or peritoneal dialysis.

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I'm going to have to disagree with USAF on this one. The nurses at Balad Air Base etc are getting plenty of experience. Wilford Hall also has programs specifically geared towards that. The Air Force mission has changed since USAF was in. I would also like to point out that the Air Force recently appointed a nurse Colonel to MG (she skipped BG, which I didn't even know you could do.)
Yes, the Air Force will pay for your masters.. . you are expected to start working on it by the time you sew on first Lieutenant. OR and nurse anesthetists programs are competitive.

Nursing Career Opportunities.

A nursing career is a job that is described as both highly personal and highly technical. It is described as technical since medical knowledge and experience are important in having this job. However, this job also requires having the passion to help other people which make it personal.

Nurses have the largest population when it comes to health care. They have the largest numbers in hospitals or nursing home care whose job is to provide assistance and care for the patients.

Nurses also have a lot of job opportunities which offer high salaries. Since everyone will age, a lot of people need…

Which nursing education provides the best career opportunities?

Usually one's background in nursing practice provides guidance for what NP specialty to choose. NP students typically choose the specialty which corresponds to their clinical interest.
Have you done any patient care? Were there some patient populations you preferred working with over others?
If you know from working in pediatrics that you have a passion for that work, it is fine to specialize in pediatrics. If you don't have any (or much) clinical experience and just feel you might like working with children, it might be better to go the FNP route which might give you more flexibility …

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