Nursing Career Opportunities

Non-Clinical Nursing Jobs and Different Nursing Career Options
October 22, 2016 – 07:14 am

Nurses, with their outstanding leadership abilities, technology skills and healthcare experience, can successfully transition to a variety of interesting and challenging jobs beyond nursing careers. And, nurses are in demand for countless non-clinical positions.

Mid-career nurses leave the field to pursue non-clinical roles for a variety of reasons. Some retire from their nursing jobs due to injuries, allergies or debilitating effects from years of physically demanding work; for these individuals, a nursing job may no longer be physically possible. Others need a break from the demands and mental stress of patient care. Still others are just ready for a new challenge.

These marketable and talented healthcare specialists enjoy limitless opportunities in professions ranging from medical device sales and teaching, to pharmaceutical sales and healthcare recruiting. Building on the knowledge and experience gained in a nursing career, nurses are well-positioned to succeed in new fields.

Ready to Take Your Nursing Career in a Different Direction?

Here are several potentially lucrative and challenging non-clinical options to consider:

Healthcare Recruiting

Healthcare recruiters generally work for hospitals or healthcare companies, or for general staffing or recruiting firms. They may be also be employed by nurse or physician staffing firms, which place doctors and nurses in temporary or contract positions. Healthcare recruiters search out qualified candidates, then prequalify and move them toward the hiring process.

Because it involves a great deal of verbal and written communications, healthcare recruiting is a great fit for nurses with these abilities, as well as strong interpersonal skills. Self-motivation is also vital for a successful career as a healthcare recruiter, as many recruiting firms offer performance commissions or bonuses along with a base salary.

Interesting facts
A job bank on the Internet is an electronic listing of jobs, work or business opportunities provided by employers. The scale of this can go from local/city job searches, all the way to international job opportunities. Many job banks also cater to "niche" or specific career areas, such as nursing, IT or truck driving.
The power of job banks is...
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Nursing Career Opportunities
Nursing Career Opportunities
Cedars-Sinai Careers - Nursing Career Opportunities
Cedars-Sinai Careers - Nursing Career Opportunities
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Nursing Career Opportunities.

A nursing career is a job that is described as both highly personal and highly technical. It is described as technical since medical knowledge and experience are important in having this job. However, this job also requires having the passion to help other people which make it personal.

Nurses have the largest population when it comes to health care. They have the largest numbers in hospitals or nursing home care whose job is to provide assistance and care for the patients.

Nurses also have a lot of job opportunities which offer high salaries. Since everyone will age, a lot of people need…

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