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Differences Between Job Objectives & Career Objectives on a Nursing Resume
December 31, 2016 – 09:34 am

Set yourself apart with a unique, concise objective.Set yourself apart with a unique, concise objective.

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When adding an objective to your nursing resume, you can focus either on the job you’re seeking or on your overall career goals. Both should reflect your strengths, your reason for seeking the job, and what you hope to achieve as a nurse. Whichever approach you use, you should also tailor your objective to the position and the organization, so it’s clear to employers why you’re a good match for the job.


A resume objective immediately distinguishes you from other candidates, by showcasing your skills and ambitions. Similar to how a slogan promotes a product, your objective is a marketing tool designed to sum up your unique talents and goals. A job objective takes a narrower approach than a career objective, by only addressing the position you’re seeking and how you match its requirements. A career objective describes your vision for the future and makes it clear that the job is a crucial step in this plan.

Long-Term vs. Short-Term

A job objective addresses your immediate goals as a nurse. If you recently graduated, for example, you might say you wish to obtain an entry-level position as a staff nurse at a full-service hospital. With a career objective, emphasize your career direction and how this job fits in with your plans. For example, state that you hope to secure a position as a charge nurse at a facility that offers opportunities for advancement into senior management and administrative roles.

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Referencing the Position

With a job objective, you’ll focus more on the specific requirements and description of the position for which you’re applying. Also highlight the type of facility. Instead of saying you’re seeking a position in pediatric nursing, state that you’re seeking an opportunity as a Pediatric Nurse I on the children’s floor of a mid-sized, full-service hospital. When writing a career objective, you’ll emphasize the general field you wish to enter. For example, you might say you’re seeking a position in pediatric nursing where you can hone your skills caring for critically ill children.


For a job objective, highlight skills mentioned in the posting. If the ad mentions mentoring new nurses or serving as a preceptor, write an objective such as, “Seeking a senior nursing position where I can draw on my experience to guide new hires and help them strengthen their teamwork and clinical skills.” When creating a career objective, also emphasize the skills you wish to develop. For example, say, “I hope to build a career in emergency nursing by obtaining a position where I can enhance my diagnostic and emergency intervention skills.”

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