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September 2, 2015 – 08:14 am

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Read the latest Virtual Issue: Medication Management, edited by Professor Graeme D. Smith

Medication Management
Medication management Within healthcare provision, medication regimes are used to achieve positive therapeutic outcomes for patients. Medication management is one of the fundamental aspects of the nursing role and clinical nurses are accountable for the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of medications to ensure safe and appropriate medication management. Safety in medication management includes medication error awareness and risk reduction. In recent years, the potential role of patient awareness and participation in medication safety management to reduce the risk of drug administration errors has been demonstrated.

This virtual edition of Journal of Clinical Nursing includes several papers published over the last couple of years, which have focused on issues associated with medication management. The first five papers explore issues surrounding medication self-management and barriers to good medication practice. Attention is given to interventions, such as motivational interviewing, as an intervention to promote medication adherence. The final three papers specifically address issues surrounding medication errors in clinical practice, which can happen at any stage of the administration process. All of these papers highlight the important role that all nurses play as educators and promoters of good clinical practice in medication management. Read all the articles for free here.

Interesting facts

Nursing Management is a monthly nursing journal which publishes original research and clinical articles relevant to the practice of nursing management. It is published by RCN Publishing.

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