Nursing 5 Year Career Plan

5 Career Success Tips for Registered Nurses
September 24, 2016 – 05:56 am

CareerExperienceRegistered Nursing is one of the most flexible professions that a person can enter into. Within the same hospital, a nurse can switch job roles and feel like they are a world away from their previous job. For example, a bedside nurse can switch roles by working as a Nurse Informaticist (with the appropriate training and education) who does not perform patient care. Registered Nurses (RNs) may have the option of working from home such as a health coach for a insurance company. Also, they have the opportunity to travel the world as a Travel Nurse.

selfreflection477While Registered Nursing is synonymous with career options, most job options are only available to nurses that have traditional career experience in a patient care setting. For example, it is highly unlikely that a nurse without patient care experience will be hired as a health coach. Also, most travel nurse positions require a minimum of one-two years’ experience. The career experiences and the education that a nurse pursues should be directly reflective of their career goals.

However, there are several general recommendations that may help nurses down the path to career success:

#1 Career Experience

Obtain at least 3-5 years of patient care experience. Some jobs may require more. However, this time-range lets potential employers know that the nurse has some valuable experience and is not a newbie. The specialty that a nurse works in should be beneficial to their long term goals. For example, if a nurse’s primary career goal is to be a travel nurse, then working as a float nurse would help to support their overall goal.

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Interesting facts

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For example: If an adult dose of medication...

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5 Year Plan
5 Year Plan
Popular Q&A
What will be the nurse salary in 5years?

Currently the starting salary for a full time 37.5hour/week newly qualified nurse in the nhs is £20710 which rises to £21176 as of April 2010.
Further increases in pay rates are unknown at this time April 2009.
Assuming an increase of 1.5% each year then in five years time ie April 2014 the salary would be £22475 but this is pure speculation!

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