Professional Nursing Career Goals

Setting Career Goals as a Nurse & How to Achieve Them
August 26, 2020 – 06:43 pm

As the field of nursing continues to evolve, the opportunities for nurses and nursing students are growing as well. Nursing offers some of the most challenging, exciting and diverse career paths of any skilled profession in the world. Nurses who want to make the most of their education and experience need to establish career goals and make a concrete plan for achieving those goals.

Take a Personal Inventory

RN-BSN | 100% Online | Complete in 13 months | Start regardless of prerequisites | University of Texas at Arlington | Academic Partnerships The first step in setting career goals as a nurse is to consider personal strengths, interests and skills. Some people become nurses because they want the freedom to travel and work throughout the country or even the world. Other nurses are interested in establishing a regular routine that allows them to spend time with their families. When setting nursing career goals, consider the following:

  • What motivated you to become a nurse?
  • What aspects of nursing do you like the most? What things do you dislike about nursing?
  • Are you interested in traveling and working in different states or internationally?
  • Do you like to work as part of a team, or do you prefer to work independently?
  • Is a stable and predictable work environment appealing to you, or do you enjoy doing different things every day?
  • Do you have cultural or religious beliefs that have an impact on your nursing practice, such as the desire to work in a faith-based hospital or medical facility?
  • Is long-term career stability important to you, or do you enjoy short-term contract work that allows you to move between different jobs easily?
  • Do you need a job that includes health insurance and benefits?
  • Would you like to work in the community, or do you prefer clinical or hospital nursing?
  • What amount of compensation would you like to achieve? Remember that salary is only part of a compensation package; pension plans, benefits, tuition allowance and vacation days are all important as well.
  • Where do you picture your perfect nursing jobs, who are your patients, and what types of skills and training are required?
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What is a professional career goal?

One important professional career coal should be to be satisfied with whatever you are doing. Another important career goal is to be paid only as much as the job position is worth for the company. Another is that a person should look for stability.

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