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Request for Calhoun Transcript
March 15, 2015 – 11:27 am

Admissions UTHSC | Office of Admissions | University-Level Requirements

There are 2 ways to submit a Request for an Official Calhoun Community College Transcript

Option 1: MyCalhoun via the Portal

Click here if you have access to MyCalhoun. This method of request will expedite requests for official transcripts for students who are currently attending or have recently attended Calhoun.


Step by Step Instructions:
  1. Log Into your MyCalhoun Account
  2. Click Student Tab
  3. Click Student Records
  4. Click Request Official Transcript
  5. Input the Address of Recipient (ex. Select College Code, of One of your Personal Addresses, etc.)
  6. Click Continue
  7. Select Transcript Type*: OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT
  8. Review, Change and / or Input the Correct Address Information (You may type a specific mailing address here)
  9. Type Number of Copies
  10. Check 'YES' by Official Transcript
  11. By the Print Transcript Option: Select " As soon as possible"
  12. By the Delivery Method Option: Select ''USPS Standard Mail"
  13. Review all the information on the Transcript Request Summary
  14. Click Submit Request
  15. Your Transcript will be Automatically Printed and Sent out the Next Business Day from Calhoun

UN-OFFICIAL Transcript Instructions:

To View or Print your Un-Official Transcript via the MyCalhoun Website:

  1. Log into your MyCalhoun Account
  2. Click Unofficial Transcript
  3. Change Transcript Level: UNDERGRADUATE
  4. Change Transcript Type: UNOFFICIAL WEB TRANSCRIPT
  5. Click Submit
  6. View and/ or Print your Unofficial Transcript on the Screen

Option 2: Transcript Request Form

Use this form if you DO NOT have access to your MyCalhoun Account.


  1. Print off the Transcript Request Form
  2. Complete the form. Complete a separate form for each destination you need the transcript to be sent.*
  3. Return the completed forms back to the Admissions Office for processing by one of the following ways:
  • FAX forms to 256.306.2941
  • Deliver completed forms in person to either HSV or Decatur Campus
  • MAIL forms to:
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