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NursingCAS Fees
January 29, 2020 – 05:28 pm

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Undergraduate Programs

First Program$45.00Each Additional Program$30.00$65.00$35.00

We encourage you to submit your application and all your required materials at least 5 weeks prior to the deadline for your designated program(s). All deadlines are 11:59pm EASTERN time on the date listed. You must apply to at least one program to submit your application to NursingCAS.
Consult each program's page to check if the program(s) you are applying to charge a supplemental (or school-specific) fee in addition to the NursingCAS fee. Note: You must submit any supplemental fee(s) directly to the program(s) you are applying to; NursingCAS does not process supplemental fees on behalf of the schools.
NursingCAS cannot give a refund if a selection was made in error or transfer the payment to another program.

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