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Brandon Nickerson — DAISY Foundation
October 15, 2016 – 07:06 am

spotlight_logo1.gifBrandon Nickerson, RN

Oncology unit

Genesis Medical Center

Davenport, Iowa

My mother-in-law was recently hospitalized and eventually passed away on the Oncology Unit at Genesis West. All of the nurses that treated my mother-in-law were excellent. However, Brandon went above and beyond to make sure that both my mother-in-law and our family had everything we needed. He helped us get the information that we needed to make good decisions. He was consistently on top of the patient's pain protocol and worked to make sure she was comfortable. Even though it was clear that my mother-in-law was going to die, Brandon was meticulous about making sure that she was turned every 2 hours and that moving her was preceded by pain medication (any movement at all caused my mother-in-law severe pain). Most importantly, Brandon was empathetic and caring in all our interactions. He made us feel as if we could ask him for anything. It was our privilege to receive care from such a nurse - a nurse that is clearly dedicated to bed-side care. As a nurse myself, I know great care when I see it, and Brandon exemplifies what it means to be a great nurse. Thanks to Brandon for all the care and attention we received.

Interesting facts
Nursing Informatics is a specialty of Health care informatics which deals with the support of nursing by information systems in delivery, documentation, administration and evaluation of patient care and prevention of diseases.
Various definitions of Nursing Informatics have been proposed; perhaps the most widely currently accepted definition...
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Brief overview: who should work in nursing informatics?

Nursing informatics is the marriage of clinical nursing with healthcare IT (information technology). Nursing informatics involves the implementation of electronic medical records (EMR), and other technological support systems for clinical care. Nursing informaticists serve as liaisons between the healthcare IT professionals and the clinical care team of a healthcare facility.

What are the disadvantages of nursing informatics?

  • a complex conceptual design process;

  • the need for multiple external databases;

  • the need to hire database-related employees;

  • high DBMS acquisition costs;

  • a more complex programmer environment;

  • potentially catastrophic program failures;

  • a longer running time for individual applications; and,

  • highly dependent DBMS operations

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