Nursing 7 Medication Rights

NSG 1101 -The "7 rights" of medication administration flashcards
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NSG 1101 -The "7 rights" of medication administration

1. Right Medication

1. Right Medication - This means that the medication that is given is the right medication. Errors in this right are made when:

pharmacy incorrectly dispenses a medication similar to the ordered medication
the nurse administers a medication that has a similar name
the nurse administers a medication not prepared by them
the nurse incorrectly identifies a medication
Always listen for cues from the patient. If they state that they have never seen this medication before or it doesn't look the same, recheck the medication order.

2. Right Patient

Giving the medication to the the patient for whom it was intended. To avoid errors use two identifiers, ask the patient to state their name and check the name band with the medication administration record (MAR). Computerized charts in the room also allow the nurse to scan the arm band. In long-term care facilities pictures are sometimes used.

3. Right Dosage

This means that the patient is given the dose that was ordered and the dose is appropriate for the patient. The errors for inappropriate dose can be avoided if the pharmacist and nurse are aware of the usual dosage ranges of medications. Double check with the physician whenever there is a questions about the dose. Be sure that drugs that require calculation are done correctly and doubled checked.

4. Right Route

The medication is given only the route that was ordered and that the route s safe and appropriate for the patient. Know the usual routes of administration for drugs to be given. Always double check the route of administration.

5. Right Time

This means that the drug was given at the correct time as ordered or according to agency policy. Most institutions consider a medication to be given on time if given 30 minutes before or after the prescribed time. Watch medications that cannot be given with food so they are given before a meal and medications that must be given with a meal need to be given with meals.

6. Right Reason

This is important to make sure the right medication was ordered.

7. Right Documentation

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Popular Q&A
What are the 7 rights for administering medication?

The 7 Rights for Administering Medication are : Right Dose,Right Drug, Right Client, Right Time, Right Reason, Right Route, Right Documentation. There are all very important things to remember. One small mistake could cost a life.

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