Nursing 5 Patient Rights

5 Rights to Prevent Medication Errors in Nursing
June 17, 2017 – 01:14 pm

Inside Rights and Responsibilities of Nurses as the Basis for Their

Every nurse makes a mistake at one point in time. We are only human. Because of the high risk of malpractice suits and adverse reactions to medication errors, the risk of a lawsuit is higher than ever. What can we learn from making such mistakes? What should we learn?

When I was a new nurse back in the mid-1980's I had just graduated and was in my first job as a "real" RN. Back in those days you could practice with a temporary RN license until your board results came in. Sitting for boards only took place twice a year and it could take eight to ten weeks to get your results. I had just gotten that brand new license and was eager to prove myself as a new nurse. Unfortunately, I became overly confident in my skills and failed the first rule of giving medication, I forgot to follow the five rights.

Right Medication

My medication error was that I gave the medicines to "Mr. Smith" when it should have been "Mr. Jones." I had pulled the medications from the slots (no fancy medication dispensing machines in those days), looked at the room number and bed designation and went to what I assumed was the "B" bed. I had guessed wrong. At that hospital the "A" bed was always to the right and the "B" bed always to the left. I had assumed that "A" bed was next to the door all the time. Identify your patient, some facilities uses patients barcodes for proper identification.

Right Patient

Let's look at what all I did wrong. I did not verify the patient using two forms of identification (remember one of those two forms should never be the room number and/or the bed designation). I simply pulled the medications and went to the room. I failed to check the arm band and I failed to even address the patient by name. "Mr. Jones" and "Mr. Smith" could both respond and would have if I had called them by the incorrect name. I made matters worse by not reporting the medication error to my charge nurse. I didn't want to admit that I had been wrong and could have been dead wrong (as in patient dying).

Right Dose

This part includes checking the dosage of the particular medication to be given. Make sure that before you administer, it is indicated on the doctor's order. Remember, wrong dosage may lead to serious condition or even death, always ensure your patient's safety.

Right Time

Beforehand, understand that medications need to be given in substantial compliance with the physician's order. Also, attend first to compliant patients so that you can deal with the less defiant ones, in that case the time in administering the medications isnot compromised.

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Nursing Home Patients' Rights

In 1986, a study commissioned by Congress revealed that nursing home residents were often abused and neglected. As a result, sweeping nursing home reforms were included in the 1987 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA). One reform required nursing home staff to conduct an assessment of each patient's condition upon arrival, as well as to an updated assessment at regular intervals. This assessment is known as the Minimum Data Set (MDS), and it provides a protocol for how each patient should be treated. In this way, nursing home residents get a highly individualized method of care. The…

Do nurses ever have the right in breaking patients confidentiality

Yes! If it is necessary to prevent harm to the patient or to prevent the patient from harming themselves or someone else such as when a patient threatens to kill themselves or someone else. This situation usually occurs when dealing with patients with psychological problems.
However if information about a patient is used for any purpose other than health care, the health care worker is most likely in violation of HIPAA. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It protects the rights of patients.

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