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Wakeful 4 Month Olds
April 23, 2016 – 02:37 am

Sample baby schedules for 3 Sample baby schedules for 3- and 4-month-olds | BabyCenter

Reprinted with permission from the author.

One of the concerns I have about some parenting books and pediatricians who give advice about sleeping infants is this: Baby starts sleeping through the night at, say, about 3 months — or at least sleeping 5 to 6 hours. Suddenly around 4 months, little Buford starts waking up at night to nurse. Mom is understandably distressed. Some books say “it’s a bad habit that must be stopped.” Her pediatrician says essentially the same thing. Someone else points out that since the baby slept through the night at 3 months, it is OBVIOUS that the baby CAN sleep and isn’t hungry. The book goes on to talk about how the baby is now manipulating the mother. The pediatrician says he’s big enough to go without eating at night. Grandma tells her to let Buford cry it out. So does the book. There may be different ways, but in essence, don’t pick him up and feed him….

Has NO ONE stopped to consider the developmental stage of the breastfeeding baby that begins at about four months and can go on to 6 or 7 months? Think about your four month old breastfeeding — what are they doing? This baby is on and off the breast — so interested in the world around him he can hardly stand it. “Oh look! There’s the dog! Hi, Mommy, I love you SOOOO much! The phone?! A car went by. The TV is on. Big sister comes into the room….hey, there’s just too much going on for me to concentrate on eating. I think I’m full now. I’ll see you later…..”

When I get one of these babies in my office, I have to observe the feed without saying a word to the mother. The entire feeding is done in complete silence so that the baby will EAT and not look around at me. How many times have you been told to go into a darkened, quiet room to get a good feeding? OK, now think about night time. Buford is really hungry — he didn’t eat well during the day. Nighttime is here; it’s dark, quiet, and he has mommy’s undivided attention. So he has a really great meal. Doesn’t take long — he’s pretty efficient by now. But it is down to business and complete.

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Popular Q&A
what are the chances of a nursing mother with a 4 month old baby (and taking birth control) getting pregnant? | Yahoo Answers

If you meet the criteria for Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM)
And you are taking progesterone-only birth control (POP) (I think that's what you mean?) as prescribed
I would have to say the odds are ALMOST 0.
BOTH LAM and POP are over 95% effective.
However breastfeeding will not interfere with the accuracy of a pregnancy test, and the dollar store test work just as well as the expensive ones. So why not buy 3 or 4 and take one now, and then in a week, etc.

should i worry if my 4month old baby's nursing schedule is erratic? | Yahoo Answers

my baby is one now and still an eratic feeder, she has always demand fed and still does, at 4 months i wouldnt be worried as long as she is happy after then its ok. itds the same as us if we feel hungey we eat somethimes a lot and sometimes a little depending on how we feel, babies do that too. sometimes they have a big feed and then other times they are only snacking. she dosent need to poop every day, some people just dont. if she is gaining weight and seems health and happy then there isnt a problem.
the only problem is it can be inconvenient if out and about but how many of us sna…

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