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MEDICAL SURGICAL NURSING 1 Medical Surgical Nursing

Thede & Sewell: Ch. 1 "Introduction to informatics", Ch. 10 "Internet & EBP", Ch. 11 "Digital Library", Ch.12 "Mobile Computing".

Informatics focus

its focus is information management, not computers

The two roles in informatics

the informatics specialist AND the clinician who must use health information technology (HIT)

President's information technology advisory committee (PITAC) was created:

to support for greater use of informatics. It standardized terms and developed health care exchange

Who called for adoption of interoperable health records?

President Bush did in 2004

Two goals that affect nurses and healthcare:

1. Patient-focused healthcare
2. Population health

Patient-focused healthcare

provide higher quality, cost-efficient care using electronics information exchange among healthcare providers patients and their designees

strategies for achieving goals for patient-focused healthcare

1. facilitate electronic exchange of patient's health information while protecting privacy and security of information
2. make info exchange interoperable so that it is available when and where it is needed
3. promote nationwide adoption of electronic health records (EHRs)
4. establish collaborative governance to guide the health information technology (HIT) infrastructure

Population health

access and use of electronic health information to support public health, biomedical research, quality improvement, and emergency preparedness

strategies for achieving goals for population health

1. provide for information access and use of population health while protecting privacy and security
2. make information exchange interoperable to support population-oriented uses
3.promote nationwide adoption of technologies and technical functions that will improve population and individual health

Interesting facts
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