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Abnormal Psychology
May 11, 2015 – 02:28 pm

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Psychological Disorder / Abnormal behavior

1. a psychological dysfunction within an individual associated
2. with distress or impairment in functioning
3. and a response that is not typical or culturally expected


An anxiety disorder marked by a persistent, irrational fear and avoidance of a specific object or situation.

Psychological Dysfunction

Breakdown in cognitive, emotional, or behavioral functioning

Just having a dysfunction is not enough to meet the criteria for psychological disorder.

for this reason, these problems are often considered to be on a continuum or a dimension rather than to be categories that are present or absent.


not typical; not conforming to the type; irregular; abnormal


Diagnostic and Statistical Manual - contains the current listing of criteria for psychological disorders


describes behavioral, psychological, or biological dysfunctions that are unexpected in their cultural context and associated with present distress and impairment in functioning, or increased risk of suffering, death, pain, or impairment


a typical profile. a pt may have only some features or symptoms of the disorder (minimum number) and still meet criteria for the disorder because his or her set of symptoms is close to the prototype.


the scientific study of psychological disorders

counseling psychologists

tend to study and treat adjustment and vocational issues encountered by relatively healthy individuals

clinical psychologists

usually concentrate on more severe psychological disorders

Functions of Mental Health Practitioners

1. Consumers of the science of psychopathology. That is that they keep up with recent developments which benefits their patients.

2. Evaluators of own assessments or treatment procedures to see whether they work.

3. Research. This research attempts to:
a. describe psychological disorders
b. determine causes
c. treatment

Presenting problem

why the person came to the clinic

Clinical description

represents the unique combination of behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that make up a specific disorder.


refers to both types of problems and disorders that would be found in a clinic or hospital and to be the activities connected with assessment and treatment


how many people in the population as a whole have the disorder


rate of occurrence; particular occurrence; Ex. high incidence of infant mortality

Chronic course

Generally a long-term disorder, such as schizophrenia

Episodic course

disorder that may end after a few months only to reoccur at a later time

Time-limited course

The disorder will improve without treatment in a relatively short period

Acute onset

disorder begins suddenly

Insidious onset

Development of a disorder that occurs gradually over an extended period (contrast with acute onset).


a prediction of the course of a disease

Developmental psychology

the study of changes that occur as an individual matures

Developmental psychopathology

Study of changes in abnormal behavior that occur over time.


the study of origins, has to do with why a disorder begins and includes biological, psychological and social dimensions

Interesting facts
Abnormal psychology is the branch of psychology that studies unusual patterns of behavior, emotion and thought, which may or may not be understood as precipitating a mental disorder. There is a long history of attempts to understand and control behavior deemed to be aberrant or deviant (statistically, morally or in some other sense), and there...
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